Late January to mid March – Frankie will be in Australia.  Keep an eye out on this for specific workshops and concerts. Whilst in Australia Frankie can be contacted on 0061 (0) 410709506

27th – 29th March – Songs of Change. Frankie will be one of the tutors involved in the NVN Songs of Change Series.

16th April – Green Ribbons concert, Guildford – https://greenribbonsmusic.wixsite.com/greenribbons

17th April – Concert with Alisdair Roberts, Debbie Armour and Ben Webb to promote their new album Green Ribbons, Guildford, Surrey

18th April –  Green Ribbons concert, Rhos-y-Gilwen – https://greenribbonsmusic.wixsite.com/greenribbons

24th to 27th April  & 26th to 29th June – Voice Leaders Modular Voice Training, Abbey Sutton Courtney, OX14 4AF.  This will be led by Frankie and Sarah Harman.  For further information please contact Sarah Harmen on sarahharmany@btinternet.com

1st May – Green Ribbons concert, London. Information about this gig on the Nest Collective – http://thenestcollective.co.uk

15th May – Green Ribbons concert, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow – https://greenribbonsmusic.wixsite.com/greenribbons

16th May – Green Ribbons concert, Tollbooth, Stirling. For further information about Green Ribbons – https://greenribbonsmusic.wixsite.com/greenribbons

22nd May – Green Ribbons concert, Brighton. For further information about Green Ribbons – https://greenribbonsmusic.wixsite.com/greenribbons

11th to 18th July – Voice Leaders Training Week. See Voice Leaders Training page for further information about this

4th to 7th August – Frankie will be performing at the Sidmouth Festival

18th to 21st August – Frankie will be singing and running a workshop at Whitby Folk Week

10th & 11th October – Frankie and Darien will be running workshops in Edinburgh