Sketch of Frankie by Patti McKenna-Jones

Sketch of Frankie by Patti McKenna-Jones
August 27th, 2018 was the anniversary of the women from Cardiff walking to Greenham Common 37 years ago. Frankie was singing at Chepstow at a gathering of women involved – singing songs she wrote inspired by the Greenham women. It was this walk that led to the Greenham demonstrations and Peace Camp.

Frankie and Sarah Harman images

Frankie and Sarah Harman ran a vocal workshop in a small French town called Gurmencon and here are some Pictures

Frankie with Kate Westbrook in one of the concerts in which she joined the Mike Westbrook brass band, which also joined with Henry Cow to form The Orchestra
Frankie with Leon Rosselson and Roy Bailey, a trio who worked internationally throughout the 1980’s at the Vancouver¬†Festival
Frankie with Leon Rosselson
Frankie running singing and drama workshop at St Donats, Beyond the Border Festival