Green Ribbons, New release!

Green Ribbons, an unaccompanied vocal quartet featuring Frankie Armstrong, Debbie Armour, Alisdair Roberts and Benjamin ‘Jinwoo’ Webb.
Review of Green Ribbons:

“Frankie’s mighty, imperious voice is in glorious unbridled flight on her own fiery political tract, A Question, which contrasts with her beautifully measured solo account of A Week Before Easter.”
David Kidman, Living Tradition

 “On Green Ribbons, each singer brings something unique and subtly experimental to the table and the result is a collection of songs that transcends genre and fuses the history of vocal music with the most exciting aspects of its present.”
Folk Radio UK

Announcing for 2020

Frankie is completing the recording of a new CD ‘The Cats of Coven Lawn’ comprising Frankie and ten friends including Bread and Roses, Bird in the Belly, Brian Pearson and Martin Simpson.  

Whats She Got To Smile At?

whatshsegot side

“Frankie Armstrong takes on Brecht and wins. From the tenderness of The Song of the Little Wind to the heartbreak of The Love Market to the harsh defiance of Pirate Jenny Frankie delivers performances perfectly in tune and in sympathy with Brecht’s lyrics and the music of Weill and Eisler.” Leon Rosselson

Available direct from Frankie

As Far as The Eye Can Sing

as_farFrankie’s autobiography ‘As Far as The Eye Can Sing’ edited by Jenny Pearson, published by Pirate Jenny Publications and available from (ISBN 9780 9576 3950 8 and/or ISBN 0 7043 4649 4)

Available from Amazon and direct from Frankie 

Well Tuned Women – Growing Strong through Voice Work

well_tuned‘Well Tuned Women – Growing Strong through Voice Work’ the exciting new book that Frankie co-edited with Jenny Pearson, containing essays from leading international women voice trainers and artists, is also published by Pirate Jenny Publications and available from’ (ISBN 9780 9576 3950 8 and/or ISBN 0 7043 4649 4)

Available from Amazon and direct from Frankie 


Frankie is on a Topic reissue ‘Bird in the Bush – An amorous and erotic song collection’ with other singers (TSCD 479);
and is also featured on a Topic compilation ‘Round Cape Horn – Traditional Songs of Sailors, Ships and the Sea’ (TSCD 499)
Topic Records

she sings “Banks of Green Willow” on ‘Voices – English Traditional Song’, a Fellside compilation disc (FECD 87);
“Tam Lin” on ‘Ballads’ (a Fellside compilation of singers performing traditional ballads – FECD 110).


  • Frankie Armstrong: vocalsencouragement_1
  • Bob Evans: crwth
  • Anthony Ingle: piano accordian and vocals
  • Sarah Harman: vocals (track10)

(Fellside Records; FECD 208 ) (Enquiries/Mail Order: Paul Adams, Fellside Records. 01900 61556

Lovely on the Water

A reissue of Frankie’s first solo LP, with extra tracks from the 60s & 70s (FECD 151)lovely-on-the-water.(Enquiries/Mail Order: Paul Adams, Fellside Records. 01900 61556

The Fair Moon Rejoices

Frankie’s earlier album has sold consistently well – her reputation is excellent. This second release is our long awaited CD of the-fair-moonFrankie singing a collection of very powerful, mostly contemporary material, with Joan Mills, Biddy Wells, Peter Stacey, Ben Lawrence, Geoff Haynes and Darien Pritchard – HARCD 027

Ways of Seeing

“You’d be hard pressed to find a singer with a voice as powerful, versatile and expressive….Frankie has the remarkable ability to vividly convey ways_of_seeingthe imagery of a song, capture and project it’s every nuance, and perfectly exploit the natural tensions of lyric and melody, always giving her words space to breathe”. “Ways of Seeing” is a powerful set of live concert recordings featuring Frankie singing on her own, in duets and with up to ten other women– HARCD 009

Celebrating Subversion

6pp digipackTwenty nine songs and one visionary poem on 2 CDs from singers & songwriters Frankie Armstrong, Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson, Reem Kelani, Sandra Kerr, Grace Petrie, Leon Rosselson, Janet Russell, Peggy Seeger, Jim Woodland and socialist magician Ian Saville. Eleven different voices with one aim – to challenge the narrative that says, There is no alternative.