Voice Leader Training 2018

20th To 27th October 2018

DATES FOR 2019 26th October to 1st November 2019

Frankie Armstrong with Sarah Harman, Visiting Tutor Darien Pritchard
– Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

The Natural Voice Leaders’ Training has been running since 1988 and the course offers a unique opportunity to attend an intensive, residential week long training, focusing on the melodic natural voice. It is designed for people who already run voice workshops or singing groups, those who wish to, or those who want to incorporate voice into their existing work. Places on the modular course are limited to 8 people. In addition to individual and group activities to

help people focus on their own needs in these areas, we also look at:

    • working on and making the most of your own voice,
    • the appropriate stepping stones to help others make the most of their voices,
    • the process of working with groups
      creating and setting up improvisations,
    • structuring and pacing workshops,
    • dealing with difficult situations/individuals,
    • and contexts in which this approach can be applied.
    • sustaining long term work with choirs, and project development and marketing.

Participants will also be provided with an information pack on areas such as self-employment, finance, insurance, creating a CV, DBS check etc. for singing and choir leaders.

As well as bodywork being an integral part of the training course, there are daily warm-up sessions, focusing on aspects of body release and energizing that relate directly to vocal expression.

In addition to this daily physical preparation Darien Pritchard will help us understand the anatomy around breathing and will use his expertise as a Feldenkrais teacher to maximize vocal release

Please look at the Philosophy (and Working Principles) page of the Natural Voice Practitioner Network website (www.naturalvoice.net ) for a clear outline of the style and approach of this course.

FOOD: is deliciously cooked vegetarian.
For Special Diets, contact the Abbey at least one week before the course. Abbey Sutton Courtenay, 01235 847 401

ACCESS: For access enquiries, contact Abbey Sutton Courtenay direct.

TIMES: The course starts on the evening of Saturday 20th October. You can arrive from 6pm

and an evening meal will be provided.

COST: The total course fee is  £1340. This consists of:

• a non-refundable deposit of  £300 to reserve your place

• a 2nd installment of  £520 to be paid by the  20th July 2018

• a final payment of  £520 to be paid by  20th September 2018

OR you can pay an ‘early bird’ fee of  £1300 (£40 discount) for paying in full by  20th July 2018

IMPORTANT: Cancellation arrangements apply – see booking form

[Note: Some past participants have managed to organise grants from Arts Training bodies, appropriate

charitable bodies,

IMPORTANT: Cancellation arrangements apply ­ see booking form [Note: Some past participants have managed to organize grants from Arts Training bodies, appropriate charitable bodies, through workplace further training and retraining schemes, and via “Arts and Business”.] LOCATION: Detailed information on Abbey Sutton Courtenay can be found on their website

LOCATION:Abby Sutton CourtneyThe Abbey is a unique medieval building, set in extensive grounds, tucked away in the small village of Sutton Courtenay, just 10 miles south of Oxford. The nearest bus and train stations are at Didcot Parkway (from where a taxi or bus can be taken). We will give you fellow participant”s contact details close to the course time to facilitate ride sharingabby


HOW TO APPLY:If you are not already familiar with Frankie and her work please telephone her for a chat on 029 20480429 or email to ensure that this course is suitable for you. For booking forms and further information please contact Sarah Harman at Email

FRANKIE ARMSTRONG has sung professionally in the folk scene and the women”s” and the peace movement since the 1960s. She pioneered community voice workshops in 1975. She continued her previous trade as a trainer in social and youth work alongside the voice workshops for a decade, before focusing exclusively on the voice workshops and singing.

It was her passion for the traditional styles of singing in the British Isles and from around the world that informed the development of her voice and singing workshops. Having been involved with folk and political songs since the 1950s, she”s always been fascinated by the way that voice can enhance the individual”s sense of well being and also develop a sense of community. It can link us to the thread of song that comes down to us from our ancestors. Hence she has always been interested in exploring voice and song in its historical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions.

She also sees the voice as a tool to aid our self expression, creativity and confidence. Over the past two decades she has especially focused on the body-voice connection, having worked and trained with a variety of bodywork and movement teachers.

Whatever the focus of the workshop, she believes in creating a supportive, generous atmosphere where people do not feel judged or under pressure to get things “right”. The intention is to help us all find a creative balance between relaxation and energy.

Over the years, Frankie has run workshops for a range of community and other groups. In London, Frankie is a guest teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and has worked regularly at the National Theatre Studio. She is a visiting teacher in Australia at the National Institute for the Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney and the Victorian College for the Arts (VCA) in Melbourne. Frankie has been a tutor at International Voice Conferences in the UK, Australia and North America, and is an honorary member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) of North America.

For 25 years, Frankie has trained apprentices, and run training groups (with Darien Pritchard) to pass on her approach and style of voice work. She is a founding member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network (UK) which grew out of these training weeks,

SARAH HARMAN originally trained and worked in the theatre, and has been leading singing workshops and choirs since 1988. She has led groups with absolute beginners, disabled people, young people on probation, and in schools, hospices, hospitals and community settings, and has worked in Nicaragua, Australia and Spain. She is particularly passionate about working with disadvantaged communities, and believes that singing together in harmony is a fantastic way of bringing people together in supportive community. Sarah currently runs three community choirs in South Wales and regular ‘Music and Memories’ sessions for people with dementia. She will bring her experience of establishing and leading long-term groups to the Voice Leaders training. With a strong belief that leading workshops requires considerable skill, awareness and planning, Sarah has developed workshop materials and exercises to help singers gain the ability and learn techniques for leading effective, inclusive and inspirational workshops. She has been designing training for workshop leaders and voice teachers since the early 90s, and worked as Training Manager for Community Music Wales. She has also worked for the Arts Council of Wales and leads training for Citizens Advice (on Training Skills, Mental Health and Dealing with Aggression). Sarah is a songwriter and regular performer in styles ranging from folk to Baroque classical music. She sings with the duo Blameless Hussies, with her quartet, The Quiet Ranters, and with Frankie in the five piece ‘Variegated Women’. The songs she writes and sings are witty and thoughtful, bringing together the personal and the political.

SARAH AND FRANKIE  have run a variety of trainings and workshops together over the past two decades. These include Access and Inclusion, group-work skills, voice development and improvisation, as well as teaching songs from a variety of cultures and those that focus on social justice. They are excited at the prospect of further working together in this new context.

Darien Pritchard  www.dynamicmassage.co.uk has been a bodyworker for 35 years, including 25 of training massage professionals. He is qualified practitioner of massage and the Feldenkrais Method® of movement awareness. For 12 years, he was a co-director of the Massage Training Institute, a UK-wide organisation of holistic massage schools, and for 5 years taught massage in a university degree course.

For 25 years he has run a programme of professional development workshops for massage practitioners. He coauthored a student textbook Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Massage Therapist (2001), and wrote the career-maintenance reference book Dynamic Bodyuse for Effective, Strain-Free Massage (2007).

He and Frankie have run workshops together for 25 years (including the training courses since 1988). Darien provides the detailed bodywork component that :
prepares the body for free vocal expression
Aids understanding of aspects of our anatomy and their relevance to giving voice.

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